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    Top 5 Midtown Restaurants NYC

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    Native New Yorkers always eat at long-established Midtown restaurants, but most of us aren’t aware of them. I learned about these restaurants from my parents, who used to eat here when the area around Greenwich Village was more bohemian, and SoHo was Hell’s, Hundred Acres. At the time, these were some of the city’s more serious restaurants, but now, these venerable spots are the places to be on date night.

    PJ Clarke’s

    For a taste of classic NYC, P.J. Clarke’s on Third Avenue and 55th Street is an absolute must. It is as much a New York institution as it is a local treasure. So whether you’re a seasoned banker looking for a hefty lunch, or a kid walking home from Central Park after a long day at school, PJ Clarke’s is sure to please.

    La Grenouille

    French cuisine is the specialty of this longstanding Midtown restaurant. This romantic nook features beautiful flower arrangements and French delicacies. A long table overlooks the flower-filled room. The French influence is apparent in the decor, which includes antique tables and chandeliers. Customers enjoy the ambiance and service, which are friendly and professional. For a romantic dinner for two, this restaurant is a must.

    La Grenouille is a Midtown institution known for its soigne setting and ‘pampering’ service. Unfortunately, it recently lost its beloved front-of-house leader, Charles Masson. In contrast, the restaurant’s new leadership has incorporated more French ingredients into the food than ever. The result is a menu that’s both elegant and affordable. So if you’re a single diner looking to impress a date, La Grenouille’s upscale dining experience could be just what you’re looking for.

    However, the rumor that has swept the French restaurant scene is not entirely true. The business has been open for months but recently faced the threat of closure from a legal dispute involving its owner, Philippe Charles. The chef, who is French-born, has denied allegations that the business is in danger. However, Philippe Charles and Philippe’s lawyers are arguing that the restaurant has been closed for months because the new laws require it to be closed.

    The atmosphere at La Grenouille is reminiscent of a bygone era, but the decor has not changed much since the Kennedy Administration. The dining room is a quaint space that exudes French elegance. Cell phones and kids are not allowed, and it has the look and feel of a Mad Men power lunch. A visit to La Grenouille is worth the trip. Despite its old-world ambiance, this Midtown restaurant is still a popular destination.

    La Pecora Bianca

    With its new, expanded menu, this Mario Batali alum brings Italian cuisine to New York City’s heart. The menu features seasonal, locally-sourced cuisine and house-made pastas. This is the perfect place for those who are looking for a relaxing all-day dining experience. The area’s prices are average, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. We recommend bringing your date here if you’re in the mood for a nice Italian meal.

    If you’re planning to eat at La Pecora Bianca – Midtown, then you’re in luck. Not only can you reserve tables, but you can also explore the menu, photos, and 7,835 real reviews. Using KAYAK to book a table here is easy, too. The restaurant’s website is great for finding the perfect NYC dining spot.

    Quality Meats

    The new Manhattan seafood palace has a hip new steakhouse. Quality Meats is a modern steakhouse that sources beef from renowned purveyors. Among the menu options are filet mignon, rib eye, lamb, and custom butcher cuts. You can even order a 64-ounce monster cut and a Flintstones-size rib. The restaurant is also good for date night or a quiet lunch with your significant other.

    In addition to serving meats, Quality Meats will feature creative interpretations of classic steakhouse dishes, innovative presentations, and the signature quality meats style. AvroKO, which designed Gotham West Market and Beauty and Essex, will design the restaurant. The restaurant’s interior design pays homage to the classic meat locker look and feel. A pair of marble-topped wooden chairs will provide the finishing touch. The restaurant also reserves a table for Global Dining Access members.

    In addition to its steaks, Quality Meats serves a variety of seafood dishes and high-end cuts of meat. Aside from the steaks and seafood, the restaurant offers a large selection of desserts. Desserts include pies, tarts, and ice creams. The desserts are all homemade and outstanding; some come studded with donut chunks. The group behind Quality Meats also offers delivery and takeout options.

    Mary Mac’s

    The tea room at Mary Mac’s is an Atlanta tradition that has been serving customers since 1932. The tea room, which had over 10,000 patrons daily, was the home away from home for Harold McMillan, who studied at Morehouse College. The staff welcomed him with open arms and often returned to indulge in his Southern favorites. Sadly, Harold’s health declined over the years, and recently decided to close the establishment.

    Since the closure of COVID, the tea room’s ownership has changed. The new ownership group is led by Bryan Rand, Michael Bodnar, and John Michael Bodnar. Chad Reynolds will continue to serve as Director of Operations. In addition, the new owners plan to retain all of Mary Mac’s over 100 staff members. Sadly, Mary Mac’s has not been around for as long as its competitors.

    The tea room at Mary Mac’s is the last remaining tea room in Atlanta. The restaurant has been hosting dignitaries since 1945 and is one of the only ones left in the city. While it’s a traditional tea room, Mary Mac’s is first and foremost a restaurant. The atmosphere at Mary Mac’s is down-to-earth, but the cooking tradition is centuries old.

    While the tea room will be closed for a short time due to the pandemic, the dining room is slated to reopen on Nov. 2 for diners to pick up their orders. Customers are encouraged to make bulk orders online, and Harold Martin, Jr., is a local businessman who has operated numerous restaurants in the past. John Ferrell, the previous owner, sought a buyer with the same dedication to the restaurant’s legacy.

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