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    The Backyard Clubhouse

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    The Backyard Clubhouse is a great way to create a safe and fun play space for your kids. In addition, the Clubhouse also offers a space where you can create family memories. It is also the perfect place for your kids to do homework or play with friends. If you’re considering adding a Clubhouse to your yard, there are several different styles that you can choose from.

    Backyard Clubhouse

    Backyard Clubhouse is a playhouse that will inspire hours of imaginative backyard play. It comes with a real mail slot, a working water pump, a bucket, and a planter. In addition, kids can pretend to be real people in the kitchen or garden by using a variety of accessories, including a grill.

    It is a great choice for backyard play with multiple children because it has multiple levels. Each child has their own play area, so they can play independently. Backyard Clubhouse also offers the smaller Neat and Tidy II Playhouse for smaller children. Both of these models are very affordable and are a perfect size for smaller children.

    Mayfield Cottage

    Guests at Mayfield Cottage can spend their time swimming, playing golf, or having tea at the private backyard clubhouse. The cottage also has many amenities, such as a business center, 24-hour maintenance, and maintained landscaping. In addition, a state-of-the-art fitness center is available on-site for residents’ use. The property also has two acres of the classically-inspired cottage garden. A nature preserve also surrounds the property.

    A non-profit corporation, Friends of the Parks of Austin, is restoring Mayfield Cottage and its gardens. Funds have been raised through foundations, grants, and individual contributions. Restoration phases are ongoing as funds become available. Austin Parks and Recreation Department oversees the property. In the meantime, visitors can enjoy a day at the Mayfield Cottage and Gardens and take a guided tour of the restored property.

    The cottage playhouse is a solid wood structure with an asymmetrical roof. It features a functioning dutch door and a bench. It also has a window and a working sink and stove. In addition, it comes with a pretend outdoor telephone and window planters. The Mayfield cottage is equipped with several accessories that children can customize.

    Little Alexandra Cottage

    The Backyard clubhouse with Little Alexandra Cottage is the perfect playhouse for any backyard. It is made from top-quality materials and will last for many years. The playhouse ships are free of charge to the USA, including major cities like Los Angeles and New York. It can also be picked up from a depot by a pickup truck or utility trailer. Once you have picked it up, the workers will load it into your vehicle.

    The Little Alexandra Cottage Deluxe is the perfect size for any backyard. It features 46 square feet of play space and is easy to assemble. It has a durable cedar deck and is built to last. It also has three adorable windows and a Dutch door. In addition, the interior can be decorated with your favorite colors and features.

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