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    Milan Vegan Guide – 9 Best Places to Eat Vegan in Milan

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    In Milan, you can find plenty of vegan food options. There are several great places to eat that will not break the bank. Some of them are listed below. The Flower Burger, Radicetonda, Universo Vegano, La Schiscetteria, Via Dalla Spiga, Pan GhEA, Come a Casa, Soul Green, Veg-Mi Trike And many others. 

    All of these places offer delicious, vegan meals. 

    La Schiscetteria

    If you’re in the mood for vegetarian Italian cuisine, La Schiscetteria is an ideal place to dine. This small gastronomy, located in the Porta Romana district of Milan, reinterprets traditional home cooking using 100% vegetarian ingredients. While eating here, you can enjoy Italian cuisine in an upscale, cruelty-free environment.

    This vegan-friendly restaurant near Porta Venezia offers a seasonal menu with plenty of gluten-free options. The food is high in quality and surprisingly affordable. 

    The restaurant also uses biodegradable materials and focuses on recycling. You can try their seasonal menu, rice dumplings, and coconut cheesecake, and even create your own menu at their customizable dinner menu.

    Located in the Arco di Porta Romana, La Schiscetteria has a welcoming atmosphere. It serves a variety of delicious dishes, including hummus, cutlets, and tasty the. You can also order an aperitivo or a tasty tiramisu or grab a coffee and relax.

    Flower Burger

    Flower Burger is one of the first plant-based burger restaurants in Italy. Flower Burger offers a unique dining experience located near the busy Corso Buenos Aires. Instead of meat, the restaurant uses legumes, cereals, and vegetables to create a variety of burgers.

    The menu features three options: 

    Classic hamburger, 

    Veggie burger, 

     Vegan burger.

    In addition to the burger, you can also get a flower-shaped bun. Available in a variety of colors, the buns at Flower Burger are made of vegetable charcoal and turmeric. The burger is served with a side of potato wedges or patatas bravas. The vegan-friendly menu also offers several sides, such as quinoa or a side of edamame.

    The flower-shaped vegan burger is famous for those seeking vegan fast food. Its wooden-cased packaging makes it appealing to vegans, and its location in the Viale Vittorio Veneto and Via Tortona are perfect for vegans looking for a delicious bite.


    Radicetonda is a plant-based restaurant with an urban feel in the heart of Milan. The team at Radicetonda aims to make vegan food as tasty as possible. The menu changes daily and offers both street food and an elaborate gastronomic menu. The menu also includes artisanal pastries made without refined sugar.

    Radicetonda uses fresh ingredients and never uses plastic. This restaurant offers a range of dishes, including traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is furnished traditionally and even offers some vegan options. Guests can enjoy a variety of salads, sandwiches, and desserts, as well as vegan desserts.

    The interior of Soul Green is also beautiful, with hanging plants and natural tones. Its menu features plant-based dips like hummus and guacamole. The menu also includes triple-cooked chips.

    Universo Vegano

    Another good option for vegetarian meals in the city is Universo Vegano.

    Universo Vegano has several branches throughout Italy, including two locations in Milan. Their menu is cheap and satisfying, and they use all-natural ingredients, such as coconut oil cheese and homemade sauces. The restaurant also offers vegan quiches and oven-baked potatoes. So if you’re on a tight budget, Universo Vegano is a great option.

    In addition to vegan-friendly Italian fare, Universo Vegano offers a wide variety of raw vegan treats. Their lunchtime menus are vegan fusions of Italian classics. The restaurant even sells raw seeds and nuts.

    Via Dalla Spiga

    The Via Della Spiga is one of Milan’s most stylish shopping districts. It is located in the northeast of the Quadrilatero Della Moda district. Originally, this part of Milan was known as Porta Nuova. The name is a nod to the Spighi family, who lived there during the last Duke of Sforza’s reign.

    If you want to enjoy Italian fare in a vegan-friendly setting, try the vegan-friendly Ghea. This restaurant offers a degustation menu consisting of five to six different appetizers, main courses, and desserts. It is open every day except Monday and specializes in vegan and gluten-free schiacciata.

    Pan GhEA

    This city is home to some of the city’s most celebrated vegan restaurants, including the award-winning Pan GhEA. Founded in 2012, the restaurant promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle and serves plant-based food. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes and is available all week.

    The cookbook is updated with reader feedback and includes new culinary ideas. The result is a collection of over 400 vegan recipes. The updated edition has been praised for its stylish layout and the fact that it is easy to follow. It’s a practical guide for anyone looking to eat ethically and make stylish vegan meals.

    Come a Casa

    If you’re on a vegan vacation in Milan, you may be wondering where you should eat. Come a Casa is the best vegan restaurant in Milan. Come a Casa restaurants use organic and seasonal ingredients in their food. 

    Come a Casa offers gluten-free and other vegetarian food; they also serve fish on their menu!

    Soul Green

    The Soul Green Milan Vegan restaurant is a delicious and healthy guide to plant-based cuisine in the city. The restaurant offers vegan dishes inspired by world cuisines, like Lebanese-style bowls with hummus and falafel or curried vegetables with coconut milk and plantains. The Soul Green menu is a feast of colorful and nutritious bowls bursting with colorful ingredients. The dishes are full of protein and fiber and can be eaten without the guilt of eating meat.

    The interior of Soul Green is full of hanging plants and natural tones. The menu features homemade hummus and guacamole and triple-cooked chips. There is a vegetarian and vegan wine selection at the wine bar.

    Veg-Mi Trike

    For an authentic vegan street food experience in Milan, there’s no better place to go than Veg-Mi Trike. Located near the Museo del Novecento, this mobile food truck is a great place to go when you want a delicious vegan burger. Plus, the staff is incredibly helpful and competent. Plus, they charge very democratic prices.

    Veg-Mi Trike is a vegetarian food truck that rides through the city’s most famous streets. You’ll find a wide variety of vegetarian condiments and street food. During the tour, you’ll get to sample food at some of the local vegan food shops and eateries. If you don’t like what you’re tasting, you can cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance.

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