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    Leandro Cano Couture FW22 – 10 Looks From the Show

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    If you’ve just finished the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2022-2023 defile, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ve compiled all the looks from the defile, from the mythical dress to the children’s figures. Then, we’ll tell you a bit about the designer himself. This article will give you a quick history of the designer and some information about his career.

    Retrouvez tous les looks du defile Leandro Cano – Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2022-2023

    Atelier Vargas reinterpreted classic pieces from the previous seasons in a contemporary fashion that is both bold and sophisticated. The fabrics featured in the collection include soyeux, cotton, laine, jacquard, and crochet. Hand-painted ceramics, crochet, and metal maille were also used to create a contemporary look. The palette was dominated by red and blue.

    The Atelier’s alumnus created 11 archetypes and personalities to represent his fall/winter 2022-2023 collection. The designer’s own personal journey inspired the designs, and each character embodies a different aspect of the designer’s work. The collection will also feature reinterpretations of classic pieces and gold embroidery.

    The Atelier has collaborated with several high-profile designers over the years. Peek & Cloppenburg and Marc Jacobs are among the many famous names who have worn their collections. Moreover, Ramos represented Spain at the International Woolmark in Milan, where he presented his collection Carmen and Corrida. His collaborations have included celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rafaela Carrasco.

    LC is the first brand to use the Moyen-Age material in the collection, a technique he developed himself. This collection also showcases LC’s collaboration with Spanish designer Caballo Ganador, who designs the brand’s iconic turbans. So whether you’re looking for the perfect black dress or a white gown, you can be sure that LC’s Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection is ready to wow you.

    Leandro Cano’s career

    Leandro Cano, a rising star in Spain, has received praise from Suzy Menkes and Alber Elbaz. His collections have a contemporary twist while referencing the artisanal craft of embroidery. His work fuses art and craft with a futuristic vision to create edgy, artisanal looks. Here are 10 of his most noteworthy creations. Each collection is inspired by a different period in Spanish history.

    Born in Jaen, Andalucia, Leandro studied Graphic Design, Photography, and Fashion Design in Granada. He has participated in several design competitions and has since established his own brand. In 2012, he presented his first collection in Madrid as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. His collection was received well by critics and the public. In 2017, he was named the best new designer in Spain by the magazine Who’s On Next.

    The first collection of the Spanish designer’s career focused on reinterpreting medieval and baroque designs. This was his first solo show, and it featured unconventional silhouettes. The floral print was dominant in Cano’s ANIMA collection. Although the designer began his collection with a baroque theme, the motifs changed. Initially, he started with a baroque theme, but soon the floral print took over, and the collection began to look very modern and zeitgeisty.

    The Leandro Cano dress is a staple in each collection. It consists of a long, fitted skirt with a fire-treated godet. The waist and hips are emphasized with a ruffled diver. The two-tone dress is made of virgin wool, mohair, or polyamine. The artist’s personal world inspired this design. The designer’s unique aesthetics are appreciated worldwide.

    Leandro Cano’s mythical dress

    Last season, the designer won the prestigious Designer for Tomorrow competition hosted by Marc Jacobs and Peek & Cloppenburg. During the fashion show, the mythical dress was one of the most impressive creations to grace the catwalk. Its unique shape and embroidered floral pattern evoked images of mythical creatures. The mythical dress also had a unique design: the neckline was curved to resemble a serpent.

    The mythical dress was one of Leandro Cano’s most challenging creations to create. It was crafted by hand in every centimeter. Its difficulty comes from the fine fiber frayed to add air to the fabric. The intricate detail required is impossible to achieve with ordinary knitting needles, and this dress is a true challenge. In addition, the dress’s squared pattern is one of the most challenging aspects to execute. Finally, the artisan’s tension must be perfect to create the look.

    Inspired by his Spanish heritage, the designer also draws inspiration from local traditions. Traditional techniques like making ornate porcelain ornaments are passed down from generation to generation and are symbolic of the designer’s creativity and craftsmanship. Women artisans aged sixty to ninety years old are the people behind the creation of the mythical dress. Their expertise and artistic vision help create masterpieces that combine art and craftsmanship.

    Leandro Cano’s children’s figures

    For the 10th anniversary of the Leandro Cano Couture line, the designer has brought back the children’s figures as part of the collection. While he has used the same figures in previous collections, this time, he is using larger figures that simulate a child’s aging. In addition, the jacket and pants come with encapsulated clay pieces in medieval images. The artisans use a technique called fajalauza to create this imagery.

    The creative team at Leandro Cano has a passion for innovation and creativity. This Spanish company’s fashion has undergone a radical transformation over the past century, from haute couture to pret-a-porter. However, it has managed to preserve its cultural heritage through the innovative designs of its designers. These designers have combined their passion for creativity with uncompromising attention to detail. As a result, their collections are truly works of art, showcasing hand-worked patterns and natural fabrics.

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