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    How to Get Your Summer Fitness Workouts in

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    Summer is a great time to begin an exercise program or to up the ante on your current routine. If you need some help getting started, follow these tips to stick with your exercise routine throughout the season. A workout schedule will help you stay motivated and on track and serve as an accountability partner to keep you on track. Working with a personal trainer can also help you reach your fitness goals and ensure consistency. You can try Eros Fitness in summer as well.

    By following these steps, you can ensure you get your summer fitness workouts in!

    Exercise during the coolest parts of the day

    It may seem counterintuitive, but exercising during the coolest part of the day has several benefits. Warm weather makes it difficult to keep your core temperature low, and exercise is no exception. Running outside on a humid day is particularly strenuous and risky. You may want to scale back your workout or find an alternative location to work out during these conditions. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich foods.

    It’s also important to find interesting outdoor workouts. For example, if you’re a lover of hiking, try going for a hike during the coolest parts of the day. If the hikes are cool enough, you might find glow worms and fireflies, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could camp out overnight. However, if you’re unable to get outdoors in the hotter months, you should join a gym to keep yourself in top shape. Most gyms have aerobic exercise machines, and you can mix and match activities.

    Besides air-conditioned rooms, exercising outside during the coolest parts of the day will keep you from overheating. While you can go for a run during the coolest parts of the day, you should avoid exercising on days when it’s very hot. You can stay cool by taking a cold shower or getting a wet head after a workout. Just make sure you don’t go out during the hottest parts of the day because it can be dangerous.

    Exercise in the early morning or after sunset to keep your body temperature moderate. Working out early in the morning is best as you’ll feel more energized and sleep better at night. However, if you can’t do this, consider exercising outside at other times of the day. If possible, exercise in the shade or at a pool. If the heat doesn’t bother you, jump in the pool.

    Wearing light-colored clothing

    When it comes to choosing your summer fitness clothing, light-colored, loose-fitting garments are the way to go. Dark-colored clothing absorbs heat from the sun and makes you feel stuffy, while light-colored garments are breathable and cool. In addition, wearing a light-colored hat will help limit your exposure to the sun. And, remember to re-wash your workout clothes every few months, so they still look fresh and feel good.

    According to Meteorologist Taylor Stephenson, certain colors of clothing trap heat while others reflect heat well. Light-colored clothing reflects sunlight, while dark-colored garments are more difficult to reflect. Dark-colored clothing traps heat, and this can affect your workout. Wear light-colored clothing to stay cool and comfortable regardless of your fitness level. Just be aware that light-colored clothes also look cooler.

    One study in 1980 found that light-colored clothing helps athletes in hotter climates. But a different study suggested that this adage may not be accurate. In fact, it may even work against you. The study was published in Nature and was titled “Why do Bedouins wear black robes in hot deserts?”

    Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, wearing light-colored clothing during the summer months can help you stay comfortable. Light-colored clothes can reflect heat and allow air to pass through them. This can also be a good option for workouts during the evening hours. And don’t forget to reapply sunscreen frequently as the sun’s rays are harmful. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can be very powerful.

    Keeping hydrated

    Keeping hydrated is essential for regulating the body’s temperature. Water comprises 40 to 70% of the human body, depending on the level of fitness and age. During summer, keeping hydrated becomes increasingly important, especially if you are exercising outside. In hot weather, hard-working muscles generate more heat, so it is harder to maintain a normal body temperature. Therefore, if you’re planning to exercise outside during the summer, it’s best to schedule your workouts during cooler hours.

    It’s a good idea to drink water before your workout. Drink up to two to three cups of water at least twenty to thirty minutes before you start your exercise. If you’re exercising in the heat, try to drink even more than that. Keeping hydrated can help you avoid dehydration and maintain a healthy weight. It’s also good to keep hydrated throughout your workout. Drink about seven to ten ounces of water every 20-30 minutes throughout your exercise and water before and after your workout.

    During the summer, the heat can be hard on your body, and it’s especially hard on your performance. Staying hydrated is important as it improves blood flow to your muscles, helps regulate body temperature, and reduces the risk of dehydration. Besides staying hydrated, hydration also helps you enjoy the benefits of summer while avoiding the dangers of hot weather. In the morning, it’s better to drink a lot of water, and this is particularly true for early-morning workouts.

    While water is the most effective fluid for overall hydration, it’s also important to keep electrolyte-rich foods handy. These are great sources of electrolytes that will replace those lost in your sweat. Electrolyte-based sports drinks are also a great option to stay hydrated during your workout. These are great alternatives to sports drinks, especially if you’re trying to get your exercise in while feeling thirsty.

    When it comes to water, you’ll want to drink plenty of it. Be careful with caffeinated drinks, however, since they dehydrate your body through urine. Also, avoid sugary beverages, such as energy drinks and soda. Finally, while water is the best choice, you’ll want to avoid alcohol and fizzy water, which can cause bloating. If you’re drinking these beverages, make sure you drink at least one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume.


    As you begin your workouts, mix in a few strength-training exercises targeting specific body parts. A good routine will burn fat and build lean muscle while still allowing you to enjoy the warm weather. A 4-day strength-training split is ideal for this. You can follow a workout that focuses on different muscle groups and uses lower volumes with high intensity. A typical four-day strength workout will use eighty to one hundred percent of your one-rep maximum with long rest periods.

    There are many benefits to strength training during the summer. Increasing endorphins in the body boost the mood. Research has also shown that women who strength-train feel better about their bodies. One study followed 49 college women who strength-trained twice a week for 12 weeks and another group of 62 women who did not. Interestingly, women who were strength-trained during the summer had significantly higher body-image satisfaction than the group that did not.

    Strength-training exercises can improve overall health. You can improve your heart health, your balance, and your muscles. Whether you train yourself or visit a gym, resistance training benefits your body and mind. Strength-training exercises will tone your muscles and give you the strength you need for everyday activities. And since strength training is also good for your joints and bones, you won’t have to worry about the gym’s equipment.

    Strength-training exercises are an integral part of any workout routine. It’s best to work on them at least twice a week, with a rest between sessions. A proper program can increase muscle strength by adding weight and increasing workout days gradually. While you may not be able to perform strength-training exercises during the warm weather, you should continue to do them regularly to avoid muscle tissue loss. And while strength training is important in any season, it’s especially beneficial for summer fitness.

    One of the best ways to get started with a new fitness program is to do cardio. It’s more convenient and will also feel like more of a workout. Try six 45-minute cardio workouts in the first seven days, and then plan to do a 30-minute walk every day. Make sure that you schedule these sessions during the day because it may be easier for you to exercise in the morning. However, if you’re more comfortable working out in the evenings, consider incorporating them during the morning hours.

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