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    Lobster Rolls Across US

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    In Lobster Rolls Across US, author Amy Traverso traveled the Maine coast and tried nearly two dozen different lobster rolls to find the best. The winner? A McLoon. Obviously! Check out the winners here! And check out our other lobster roll articles to find the best in your state! We’ve covered New England, Chicago, and Indianapolis. Now, it’s time to find your favorite!

    New England

    The New England lobster roll is a delicious lunch or dinner choice, and the traditional dish is toasted buns filled with a delicious mixture of melted butter and fresh lobster. To make a classic New England lobster roll, you’ll need a medium skillet, butter stick, and lemon juice. To prepare the lobster salad, cook the lobster and lemon juice together for about 2 minutes, then add it to the skillet. Meanwhile, toast the buns. Once they’re toasted, spread them with butter and serve with potato chips.

    Start by slicing the lobster meat into thin pieces to make a lobster roll. Next, add the celery, lemon juice, and salt. Mix well. Add the remaining butter from the pan to the lobster salad. The lobster roll is now ready to serve. To serve, you can add a spear of dill pickle and a cold beer to complete the meal. This dish can be served at a restaurant or at home.


    While it may not be the first place you’ll hear about Boston lobster rolls, they are a must-try dish in this New England city. Located between Maine and Connecticut, Boston is home to many restaurants specializing in them. Most of these restaurants serve both hot and cold rolls, and the quality is similar. However, you’ll have to spend at least $50 to get your hands on one, so be prepared to fork up.

    Once you’ve bought the lobster, cook it on each side for nine to fifteen minutes. Once cooked, remove the claws and knuckles and scrape off the meat. Once cooked, cut the lobster meat into bite-size pieces. Combine the lobster meat with celery and mayonnaise. To make it more delicious, add lemon juice and/or butter and roll it into rolls. Alternatively, you can toast the buns and serve them that way.


    In his Michelin-starred restaurant, Ryan McCaskey recreates the summers of Maine for Chicago diners. His lobster rolls are as tasty as they are affordable. They are served on crispy, subtly sweet bread smuggled from the East Coast. Lobster meat is piled high on the roll with a housemade chive mayo. Salt and vinegar chips complete the meal. While you’re enjoying Chicago lobster rolls, be sure to sample the other menu items on the menu.

    Despite its landlocked location, the city never lacks seafood. Local restaurants make some of the city’s best lobster rolls. Chain Luke’s, a seafood restaurant, offers an impressive variety of lobster rolls, as does the cozy, upscale Shaw’s Crab House. The Shaw’s Crab House serves a lobster roll that is packed with sweet lobster meat, mayo, and celery. A classic Chicago lobster roll includes celery and mayo, while a Manhattan-style one is heavy on the butter.


    Maine is the birthplace of the lobster roll. While other regions of the US may be able to claim to have the best lobster rolls, Maine is the state where the lobster roll is truly born. Depending on your appetite, you can order the original roll with quarter-pound meat, the “OMG” version with seven ounces of lobster, or the full-pound lobster roll. Abbott’s Lobsters in Mystic, Connecticut, serves three sizes of lobster rolls: the original, the “OMG” version, and the “LOL” (lots of lobster). In addition to their famous lobster rolls, they serve steamers, chowder, and other seafood treats.

    JCT Kitchen in Atlanta serves a famous lobster roll made with the entire lobster. It is a popular weekend-only meal and comes with fries and apple slaw. Located in downtown Atlanta, JCT Kitchen serves lobster rolls with a twist. A popular dish at JCT Kitchen, which Chef Ford Fry runs, is the “JCT Kitchen” roll, which contains an entire lobster. You’ll have to pay for a reservation for a truly decadent and delicious lobster roll.

    Mystic, Connecticut

    If you’re in the mood for a greasy, fresh-baked, or gourmet roll, Mystic, Connecticut, offers you a variety of options. In addition to their signature lobster rolls, the menu offers an extensive raw bar, multiple burgers, and flatbread pizzas. With an emphasis on quality, their food will make your next meal memorable. You can even order one with a side of mango caviar!

    If you’re looking for the ultimate lobster roll experience, head to Mystic, Connecticut, where RED 36 is a must. This restaurant is located at the mouth of the Mystic River, and its window wall opens up to reveal an outdoor bar during the summer. The intimate indoor dining area is a great place to enjoy a tasty meal, and the Lobster Rolls are one of the most unique in Mystic.

    Mystic, Alaska

    The Mystic Lobster Roll Co. is a renowned restaurant chain with locations in Mystic, Connecticut, Boca Raton, Juno Beach, Orlando, and more. It currently has seven locations in the US and plans to expand to New Jersey in 2020. The company uses large pieces of Maine lobster in every roll and uses local ingredients whenever possible. It’s a great place for seafood lovers to get a taste of the local culture, with plenty of seafood and fresh, creative dishes.

    The restaurant is a favorite of locals, who line up for lobster rolls at opening time. Abbott’s Lobster House is located on a quiet promontory south of downtown Mystic. Its side wall features a gigantic green lobster. Unfortunately, the lobster doesn’t turn orangey-red until it’s cooked, so you’ll probably want to order takeout. The menu is short and simple, but every roll is piled high with meat and vegetables.


    When you’re craving a delicious appetizer, there’s no better choice than a Lobster roll in Anchorage, Alaska. There are plenty of options, from local pubs to fine dining. There are also many excellent choices for beer and wines, and there’s a large selection of both local and imported liquors. But if you’re looking for something different, consider visiting one of the many other establishments in Anchorage.

    If you’ve never tried a lobster roll before, you’re missing out on a great Alaskan delicacy! This local delicacy is so popular, in fact, that it’s often served as a starter for any meal. At Abbott’s Lobster Rolls, for example, you can order a small roll with about a quarter pound of meat, an “OMG” that’s seven ounces in size, or a “LOL” that has a pound of lobster meat. You can also order steamers, chowder, and other delicious seafood treats in addition to your lobster roll.


    If you’re looking for a delicious lobster roll in Seattle, look no further than Bar Harbor in South Lake Union. This restaurant, reminiscent of a boat, is on the ground floor of a new building. It features a quaint, shipshape interior and open-air kitchen, complete with Edison bulbs hanging from ropes. Owner Ben Hodgetts grew up in Maine and has worked at several local restaurants. His specialty is a lobster roll.

    In downtown Edmonds, you can find Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls. This casual, waterfront restaurant serves up authentic East Coast lobster rolls. The restaurant is located near the Seattle Art Museum, Pike Place Market, and Mar*ket. In addition to a classic seafood sandwich, you can get an egg sandwich topped with Dungeness crab or shrimp. You can also order a lobster roll with French fries and tartar sauce.


    If you’re visiting Portland for business or pleasure, eating at one of the city’s famous Lobster Roll joints is a must. Becky’s Diner, a Portland waterfront institution, serves a fresh lobster roll dressed in mayo and lettuce. The lobster rolls come with a side of crispy fries. The waitress will likely have just caught the lobster that you order. While you’re here, don’t forget to ask for melted butter if you’d like!

    If you love lobster, you must try the coveted Maine Lobster Roll. This restaurant has consistently received awards for serving the best lobster rolls in town. You can order the lobster roll at the counter, which is adorned with a lobster-shaped buzzer. Be sure to enjoy a cold beer and live music while you eat your lobster roll. You’ll be glad you did. A good lobster roll is worth every cent.

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