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    Donut Crazy Westport

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    Donut Crazy Westport is a franchise owned by Joe and Joan Tuckman, a married couple from Fairfield. Joe has over 20 years of experience in the publishing business, including work for Hearst, Conde Nast, King, Yahoo, and more. Joan has extensive knowledge of the local food scene and can tell you how to order the best donuts in the town. During her tenure at the franchise, Joan has helped create and market numerous restaurants and food franchises throughout the area.

    Donut Crazy franchisees

    If you’re interested in opening a Donut Crazy in Connecticut, there are a few things you need to know. First, the company is a family-run business that serves specialty donuts in southern Connecticut. The franchise agreement states that you’ll receive periodic text messages from Donut Crazy and Homebase. These text messages can help you keep track of employee scheduling, time clocks, and hiring tools. You can also check out Donut Crazy Westport’s Facebook page to see what’s happening in the franchise community.

    Donut Crazy franchisees can expect a booming business. In addition to their signature donuts, they serve a range of other treats, such as a daily special or rotating monthly flavors. For example, March’s specials include banana chocolate chip, salted caramel pretzel, mint chocolate brownie, and cannoli. Other items on the menu include cake, yeast, and brioche doughnuts. You can even get fried chicken with side dishes.

    Donut Crazy franchisees Joe and Joan Tuckman are the first to have opened a location in the town. They originally invested in a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise when it opened in Black Rock, where they ate doughnuts after hockey games on Sundays. However, the store closed on Saturday, which prompted Dunkin’ Donuts to contact Tuckman’s and Wojnarowski and open a location in Westport.

    Donut Crazy is located at 1 Ferry Lane in Westport, Connecticut. Hours are 5 AM – 8 PM Monday to Friday and 7 AM – 5 PM on Sunday. A Metro-North station is located in the eastbound station, along with Avis/Budget Rental Car. For information about franchise opportunities, please see Donut Crazy’s website. The franchisees are happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Pastries offered

    The latest DonutCrazy location opened just last week at the Saugatuck train station. It offers an array of breakfast and brunch items, as well as its signature doughnuts. The Westport location has 25 regular customers and also serves organic Shearwater Coffee. The store is open until 8 PM, so you can grab something to go to start your day right. Donut Crazy also serves lunch and dinner items that can be taken to go.

    Donut Crazy is known for its outrageous creations. This café has created some of the city’s most creative pastries. Its latest design celebrates summer by offering the Blue Hawaiian donut. This baked good is decorated with a raised shell, pineapple filling, and blue coconut buttercream. It’s served with a cherry and an umbrella. Skilled pastry chefs make Donut Crazy’s specialty pastries.

    The original DonutCrazy in Bridgeport serves 12 to 14 crazy doughnuts a day. Some of the most popular flavors have since become mainstays and include maple bacon, Nutella, and cannoli. The Westport location will also serve American fare and deliver. Nom-EEZ and Match will also offer delivery services. Donut Crazy has a Facebook page and website. They also offer complimentary daily emails.

    While many people associate Donut Crazy with breakfast, the location is also an excellent place for lunch. Donut Crazy Westport also offers a great selection of egg, cheese, and avocado toast. Their latte and iced coffee are both top-notch, and the staff is friendly and helpful. In addition to pastries, Donut Crazy Westport offers a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful decor. So if you’re craving a sweet treat, don’t hesitate to visit Donut Crazy Westport.


    The new Donut Crazy in Westport will be a step up from the current location. Although the shop lacks seating, it’s a step in the right direction. Donut Crazy plans to maximize its offerings by next spring when it will move to a 1,180-square-foot former gas station. The Stratford-based company will repurpose the building into something cool. So besides the usual donuts and shakes, you can also get “crazies” and other unique flavors.

    The first franchise owners of Donut Crazy in Westport, Joe Tuckman, were from Black Rock, Connecticut. They often went there after hockey games on Sundays. Sadly, the location closed on Saturday, so the Tuckman’s contacted Dunkin’ Donuts, who in turn contacted the Tuckman’s, and Donut Crazy Westport was born. Despite its small size, the Westport location has 25 regular customers and serves organic Shearwater Coffee.


    Donut Crazy Westport opened its doors earlier this year. Located in a strip mall near the Westport train station, the restaurant offers a variety of flavors. From their “daily” selection to their “crazies,” this eatery offers something for every taste. Their donuts are Instagram-worthy and serve some excellent coffee, including cold brew. They also offer indoor seating, which is perfect for cold days.

    The Donut Crazy store is a step up from the current shop, but the new location will have additional seating options. In addition, the company offers 20 percent off its menu. In addition to Westport, the store has locations in New Haven, Shelton, and West Hartford. Despite its small location, Donut Crazy Westport is a popular spot for foodies in the area. In addition to their everyday handcrafted creations, they offer special “crazies” for those who want a unique taste.

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