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    Arab Fashion Week Men’s SS23

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    The first day of Arab Fashion Week Men’s SS23 has kicked off, with the opening night show of Maison du Mec showcasing its SS23 collection to thousands of spectators. The SS23 collection was created by Lebanese and London-based designer Maison du Mec, who were joined by Filipino designer Rian Fernandez and Emirati streetwear brand KA-1. The show closed with the robotic ferronato, the first cyber runaway dog.

    Amato Couture

    The UAE’s Amato Couture debuted in Paris and made its debut at the prestigious fashion event. The UAE is also a member of the Federation De La Haute Couture et De Mode (FHCM). This season, Amato’s collections included the use of sustainable materials and ecological-minded design. The season’s themes included Eco-Conscious, Poetic, and Escapist.

    Amato Couture closed Arab Fashion Week Men’s SS23 on Thursday with a collection infused with vibrant, Holi-like colors. Inspired by the brand’s trip to India in 2019, the collection incorporated vintage Indian costumery into modern regalia. Royal blue, marigold orange and other bold colors were used throughout the collection. The men’s menswear show took place at d3 in Dubai.

    The festival’s events feature international designers as well as local talents. Special guest designers include Arturo Obegero, Lazoschmidl, and Valette Studio. The event will also highlight the importance of sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. The Dubai Design District and the Arab Fashion Council organize the event. It showcases innovative design in Dubai and the Middle East. In addition to fashion shows, the event also features pop-ups and events.

    In addition to the runway show, AFW will feature a wide range of retail pop-ups in the heart of d3 and a series of roundtables and events. In addition to its renowned designer line, AFW maintains a powerful digital presence and reinvents its competitiveness with alliances with tech giants. It will also unveil a patented fabric innovation – the Ferronato bag – made in Switzerland with radiation-block virtual walls.


    Anomalous at Arab Fashion Week Men’s SS23 showcased a variety of clothing from the region’s top designers, including Rabih Rowell, the youngest creative director in the region. The designer’s name is derived from the concept of dualism in philosophy. “Anomalous” unites daywear and evening wear, and the label is dedicated to exploring the concept.

    The three-day event will feature the best of men’s ready-to-wear collections by 12 designers. Opening the show was Furne One of Amato Couture, which showcased a collection based on the theme of “The First Temptation.” The models wore a white dishdasha robe with a slit in the front. The designer also spoke with delegates, including Mohamed Aqra, the chief strategist of the Arab Fashion Council.

    Boyfriend The Brand

    The Men’s Arab Fashion Week is returning to Dubai next week, from June 28 to June 30. Hosted by the Dubai Design District, the show will feature works from 12 renowned designers from across the Middle East and other key fashion capitals. Designers include Lebanese brand Maison du Mec, London-based label Peru, and Emirati streetwear label KA-1. The event is set to celebrate innovation and creativity through sustainable and green technologies.

    The e-commerce store of Beirut-based label Boyfriend was a popular destination for attendees at the show, with its collection inspired by a poignant experience. The brand’s name was derived from the Lebanese word sateen, which means prisoner. The new collection features bright, colorful ensembles with mismatched prints. For example, a yellow patchwork jacket with tassels was paired with a matching short set.

    Maison du Mec

    The capsule collection at Maison du Mec, Arab Fashion Week Men’s SS23, is inspired by the golden age of aviation and travel. The collection featured brightly colored turtlenecks and jackets with layered feathers and sequins. Each piece took between 50 and 80 hours to create. Maison du Mec is a young Lebanese brand devoted to bringing the future of luxury to the world.

    The three-day event will showcase the best in menswear from both emerging and established international designers. The three-day event will highlight emerging and established designers alike, from Lebanon to India. The runway shows will showcase the latest designs, incorporating sustainable techniques and innovative fabrics. For a first-rate fashion show, check out Maison du Mec. It is sure to be a must-see fashion event for those with an appreciation for upscale menswear.

    Another brand with a strong local connection is KA-1. This Emirati label is creating a streetwear identity that draws inspiration from local culture, with every piece exuding pride and ethos. For example, its menswear collection for spring and summer 2023 is emblazoned with the phrase “We Are the Future,” a tribute to the UAE’s 50th Jubilee and the fashion-forward culture of the region. Another design staple is a teddy bear that sports a dollar sign. This mascot can be seen on a range of accessories, including cross-body bags and wallets.

    In addition to the collaboration between two luxury accessory brands, Maison du Mec is the first menswear show to introduce a robotic accessory that helps men navigate through their daily lives. This brand has also partnered with the Swiss luxury accessories label Ferronato to create the first luxury accessories range that offers full data privacy protection. Ferronato also integrates meta-fabrics into their high-end accessories to prevent unwanted tracking of users via devices.


    The London-based fashion brand Peru was the most popular menswear collection of Arab Spring/Summer 2019. Designed by Jin Qian and Hyun Pan, this collection embraces the individuality of the spirit through powerful sartorial silhouettes. Rian Fernandez is one of the most acclaimed Filipino designers and spent six years working on the Miss Universe pageant. He created a collection that speaks to the intricate world of video games.

    The label’s name is derived from the mathematical term “permutation.” Its menswear collection focuses on emboldened occasion wear and club ensembles. The jackets featured laser-cut slits, puffed sleeves, and backward-facing blazers. The shoes also feature futuristic shapes resembling aerodynamic wings or nautical rudders. The spring and summer 2023 collection also includes skin-tight tops and leisure bucket hats.

    The Acadian robotic accessory, which was one of the highlights of the Arab Spring/Summer season, was a standout piece at the fashion week. The brand collaborated with Swiss luxury accessory brand Ferronato to create the first collection with full data privacy protection. Ferronato’s products use meta-fabrics that block unwanted tracking through devices. In addition, the company has a thorough knowledge of the menswear wardrobe.

    A few of the brands that were present at the event were Maison du Mec, Emergency Room, and Tagueule. Among the many other designers presenting their designs at Arab Fashion Week, Peru is a London-based label. Other notable designers include Rian Fernandez from the Philippines and Emirati streetwear label KA-1. Another highlight of the show was the robot cyber runway dog by Maison du Mec, which closed the show. Ferronato provided the backstage hair.

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