About Us

Wordtive is the greatest lifestyle site for generous individuals. WordTive keeps you up to speed on the latest and greatest in Lifestyle, Gear, Health, Fashion, Travel, and everyday living.

Small courtesies like holding the door for you, paying for dinner, writing you a handwritten thank you letter, or hailing your cab are only the beginning of our romantic skills. We try hard to fit our acts of kindness to your specific tastes; it demonstrates our regard and interest in you — whether romantic, professional, or informal, woman or male. It’s difficult and requires practice, but it’s incredibly fulfilling.

Wordtive is loaded with interesting and fascinating people who are incredibly enthusiastic about their profession, as seen by all of the images on the website! A select few creatives are chosen for an interview and feature in the magazine after each Submission has been carefully reviewed.

New and seasoned professionals may interact, publish, and gain recognition globally on a high-quality platform provided by Wordtive. Every issue will bring together the local, brilliant creative community, which is constantly expanding. In the end, Wordtive will be an endless source of inspiration for everyone.